Saturday, 25 January 2020

Classical Inspiration

Growing up I was inspired by my Grandfather’s enthusiasm for all things classical.  He made pottery in the style of the Greeks, collected old coins, always had a picture or two of Michelangelo’s hanging on the wall and would tell me courageous tales of warriors who lived in ancient times.  As an impressionable young artist it wasn’t long before I wanted to try my hand at recreating a few of these things, in turn most of my teenage years were spent copying old works that inspired me.
Below are a few of them that are still around.

Greek Vase painting close upGreek Vase painting close up, boy playing flute, greek dancersPottery made and painted in Egytian styleoil paintingachilles drawn in blue ballpoint penleonardo master copylaocoon group sketch
pencil on paper sketch
michelangelo master copy
master copy, painted in oils on canvas.
sculpted then cast in cement

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Barn at Chinguacousy

 A small lunchtime sketch across the pond from the barn at Chinguacousy park.